Berkeley's crumbling pavement and dangerous traffic crashes are unacceptable.

We can fix it.

Our Measure

Berkeley's streets are crumbling. Our sidewalks are a safety hazard, and far too many pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers wind up in dangerous or even deadly crashes.

We have a plan to fix it. Berkeley Citizens for Safe Streets has introduced a ballot measure that is committed to fixing Berkeley's crumbling streets and sidewalks while adding safety features for all road users. 

You can read the full text of the measure here.

This measure is the only measure on the November 2024 ballot which will:

Berkeley citizens deserve smooth, safe streets. Vote yes on the Safe Streets initiative on November 5th!

About Us

Berkeley Citizens for Safe Streets is a diverse coalition of residents and community leaders committed to fixing our streets and making them safe. Our coalition includes former Yes on L and No on L organizers, members of the Vision 2050 task force, public works and transportation safety experts, sustainability advocates, and commissioners and elected officials.

In drafting this measure, Berkeley Citizens for Safe Streets worked closely with stakeholders from across the city. We met with five City commissions, City Public Works and Fire Department staff, City Councilmembers, the City Auditor, the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce, and organizers of the No on L campaign. Feedback from all of these groups were incorporated into the final text of the measure, which was designed to be a consensus approach that can move Berkeley forward. 

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