Community members across Berkeley are united.
We're done with potholes and unsafe streets!


UAW Region 6

Berkeley Fire Fighters Association

All titles for identification purposes only

Community Leaders

Laurie Capitelli
Former Berkeley City Councilmember

Gordon Wozniak
Former Berkeley City Councilmember

Linda Maio
Former Berkeley City Councilmember

Ann-Marie Hogan
Former Berkeley City Auditor

Karen Parolek
Chair, Transportation and Infrastructure Commission

Cecilia Lunaparra
Chair, Environment and Climate Commission

Carole Marasovic

Chair, Commission on the Status of Women

Todd Andrew
Chair, Solano Avenue Business Improvement District Advisory Board

Victor Flores
California Young Democrats Latine Caucus Chair

Robert Prinz
Bike East Bay Advocacy Director

Noelani Fixler
Vice Chair, Transportation and Infrastructure Commission

Brent Blackaby

Police Accountability Board Member

Ben Gould
Former Chair, Environment and Climate Commission

Harry Pollack
Former Chair, Planning Commission

James Chang
Former Rent Board Commissioner

Judy Hunt
Former Berkeley Library Board Trustee and Rent Board Commissioner

Sam Kaplan-Pettus
Former Chair, Youth Commission

Sam Greenberg
Former Vice Chair, Transportation and Infrastructure Commission

Alyssa Hurtado
Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Commissioner

Alfred Twu
Planning Commissioner

Barnali Ghosh
Transportation and Infrastructure & Planning Commissioner

Ray Yep
Transportation and Infrastructure Commissioner

Liza Lutzker
Transportation and Infrastructure Commissioner

Tom Yamaguchi
Commission on Aging Commissioner

Brandon Yung
Zoning Adjustments Board Member

Luke Leuschner
Landmarks Preservation Commissioner

Sachu Constantine
Former Public Works Commissioner

Marc Hedlund
Former Environment and Climate Commissioner

Jonah Gottlieb
AD14 ADEM Delegate

Berkeley Residents

Jaimie Levin
Vision 2050 Task Force Member

Bruce Riordan
Director, UC Berkeley Climate Change Network

Avery Arbaugh
President, Cal Berkeley Democrats

Darrell Owens
East Bay Transit Riders Union Organizer

Barry Fike
Former President, Berkeley Federation of Teachers

Ben Gerhardstein
Walk Bike Berkeley

Libby Lee-Egan
North Berkeley Now! Lead Organizer

Theo Posselt
Berkeley Neighbors for Housing and Climate Action Steering Committee member

Charles Siegel
Walk Bike Berkeley Coordinating Committee Member

Alex Contreras
Happy City Coalition Founder

Mark Schlosberg

Arsh Hothi

Dave Peattie

Holly Scheider

Luke Swanson

Anirvan Chatterjee

Kevin Shields

Corey Busay

Jack Denham Conroy

Aaryaman Singhal

Jeff Heller

Lee Bishop

Lauren Wan

Mario Nelligan

Jordan Burns

Eric Panzer